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Kangen Cleaning and Repair

Monthly & Deep Cleaning Services – Professional and Affordable with Fast Turnaround

$20 Off Deep Cleaning

Why is Deep Cleaning Important?

  • Avoid calcification on the medical engine plates that are causing disruption to the electrolysis
  • Improve the PH of your Kangen Water
  • Improves the antioxidant level to its highest value
  • Reduces machine blockages and potential malfunction
  • Increases longevity of your Kangen machine

What happens if you choose to neglect Deep Cleaning?

Your machine may break down or malfunction and water may be blocked by tough calcification surrounding your engine plates. Below are pictures of a Kangen Machine severely neglecting maintenance.

Hello Kangen Water Machine Owners…

If you have not had your precious Kangen Water unit DEEP CLEANED recently…  It is time to do so. A lot of owners have never had this service performed.

Deep Cleaning is an essential, professional service that helps keep your Kangen machine running at optimal performance and bring your water quality back to 100%. It is especially important to deep clean the mineral and particle build-up off your plates. If you wish for your machine to last, you must do this every 6 – 12 months (depending on your usage). Enagic recommends the deep clean, every 6 months to one year at the longest. If your water flow has slowed down at all from the top hose (white flexible alkaline hose) or more water is coming out of the lower gray acid hose, your unit is getting stopped up with minerals and calcium building up on the plates. Stop using your unit and get it deep cleaned. If you continue using it, you may cause damage and end up having to send it to Enagic for repairs, which are very expensive and takes a long time.

These types of machines need to infuse HYDROGEN in the water. This is the single most beneficial property of Kangen Water. If there are minerals on the electrodes, then it will impede the machine’s ability to produce hydrogen.

You can send them to Enagic.  You will have to call Kangen and request a work order be created, they email you a label, you box it up, ship it to them, and pay $96 for Cleaning and Shipping both ways. You will usually be without your machine for 4 – 8 weeks.

I have been offering the Enagic method of deep cleaning here at the Wellness Center for years. Our turnaround is usually in 2 – 3 business days. The normal charge is $135 for deep cleaning in 95% of the cases. If it is super dirty and requires a lot longer to clean, it will be more. I have been cleaning our 4 Kangen machines with the same Professional Enagic method at The Wellness center for 6 years now. I am very familiar with the deep cleaning process. Mention this ad and get $20 off your cleaning!

Call Today, I will be glad to help you and take care of your needs.

Mark Metts, Wellness Coach
Cell/Text 951-764-4962

Kangen Water Supplies

  • Filters
  • Bottles
  • Electrolysis solution
  • Cleaning crystals
  • Hoses and diverter valves
  • Adapters for diverter valves
  • Acid water discharge valves
  • Top flexible hose
  • Trade-ins
  • New & refurbished/certified machines
Kangen Water Center

Alkaline Water

  • Fill 1- and 5-gallon bottles
  • Sample Alkaline Water

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How Kangen Alkaline Water Works

Kangen alkaline water has 5 properties that distinguish it from regular water and grocery store bottled alkaline water.

  1. It’s alive for 2 – 3 days. As it ages, it lose’s its electrical charge. Like a soda loses its fizz or your phone battery loses its charge.
  2. Anti-oxidant (negatively charged) – Antioxidants neutralize or eat up old bad rusty cells – like PAC MAN.
  3. Hydrogen-Rich
  4. Microclustering (smooth and silky) – water molecules have been separated and are about 75% smaller and can absorb easily and quickly into every cell.
  5. High Alkalinity – the machine creates high alkalinity by separating the acid and free radicals into a separate stream of acid water (used for cleaning fruits, vegetables, and greens).  Grocery store alkaline water is made by adding chemicals to artificially raise PH.

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